Top 5 Tips for Riding "The Beast"

Mon, Aug 12, 2013

Welcome back to #BloggeronBoard, our 8-week adventure series inspired in part by NYC & Company's campaign using America's striped and hidden wonder, Waldo.

If you did not grow up with Where's Waldo, he is the Americanized version of Where's Wally (an adventure picture book character hidden in complex illustrations). We at Circle Line 42 salute Waldo's adventurist ways and decided to take our readers on weekly adventures through our blog.

This week: I braved The Beast.

The Beast is a 30-minute thrill ride around the Hudson River up to 45mph and offering a thrill a minute. It's scary, it's exhilarating, it's wet, wild and windy and it's a liberating blast.

Though I would love to be able to blog in real time for all of my excursions, blogging on the Beast is virtually impossible. It would be like to trying to write on a roller coaster.

However, in an effort to never be your "beast of burden" we have come up with 5 top tips to unburden your Beast ride.

1. Get there early - Leave yourself a fair amount of time. The Beast leaves every hour on the hour (until 6pm) for approximately 30 minutes. Lines for the Beast appear as quickly as a speedboat. One minute, you may not see anyone and think you are safe. The next minute, we might have full busloads of eager children wrapping and zig-zagging their way into the line. The Beast holds up to 132 people, but once those seats are full, they are full. But don't worry, there is always another chance to get on board in less than an hour if you do miss it.


2. Choose seating wisely - The Beast speedboat makes a splash during many unexpected twists and turns. Some people opt to get as soaked as possible; others would prefer to stay as dry as they can. There is a strategy!! Sitting closer to the outer back will likely make you look like you just got out of the shower. Captain Mad Dog Duffy calls the back "the swimming pool." The front tends to be a more of a "spritzing" or at least that's what our European friends like to call it. The aisle seats should keep you safer on those turns but if you are looking to walk away bone dry, I would suggest you bring a blow dryer (for after).



3. DO NOT WEAR LIP GLOSS! - While this may sound a tad feminine, I have to strongly advise against lip gloss, lip stick, lip balm, ChapStick, or any other lip enhancement/moisturizer/tint/color/primer/plumper or other if you have longer hair. Why? I found out the hard way. The Beast goes so fast through the Hudson that the wind is smack in your face. Which feels AMAZING. However, strong winds plus long hair plus sticky lips equal disaster. I wanted to close my eyes and simply enjoy the breezes (these are not light breezes) but my hair was literally stuck to my face. If your hair is secured tightly, this may not present a problem, but if you have ever ridden in a convertible with the top down, you know how hard it is to secure anything!

Check out a video here.

4. Take care of your electronics - It is extraordinarily tempting to take photos and videos while on the Beast. You are free to do so, but at your own risk. Again, the winds are high and the waters are splashy. Even six seconds of Vine video footage made me nervous that my phone would wind up in the Hudson. Electronics left in bags could also be dangerous even if the bags are on the floor or in your lap. Shield them as best as you can throughout your journey, plastic bags would be the safest bet. I also suggest taking your pictures at the beginning, at the end, and at the Statue of Liberty where the boat slows down and enables some quality picture taking time. (Our staff will offer to take your picture at Lady Liberty as well).


5. Put your hands up - Most of all, have fun. The Beast is a great way to forget life for 30 minutes and simply enjoy. Whether it is for the music or not, placing your hands in the air makes it such a freeing experience, like you are a bird on the Hudson River. Of course, our staff may make you want to stay on guard and on your toes. They have a few tricks up their sleeves to entertain the guests (hint: super soaker is one). Captain Gary, Maverick and the gang may just get you either way, so I say, throw your hands up and ride the Beast. 

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